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Fairfield/Suisun Wastewater Treatment Plant, Phase II Organic Material Recovery Center, Fairfield, California

Beyaz & Patel provided the structural design, drawings and specifications, and construction support services for the wastewater treatment plant. The Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) serves 135,000+ residential, commercial and industrial customers and was in need of expansion. The design of the second phase facility was initiated to expand plant capacity from 10.4 mgd to 15.6 mgd and implement a new energy recovery system. Primary elements included:

  • Modification of the secondary treatment facilities, including a new method of solids handling;
  • the design of the Organic Material Recovery Center; and
  • upgrade of the tertiary treatment facilities.

The Organic Material Recovery Center enables the plant to turn biosolids into fertilizer that meets regulatory requirements for reuse. The fertilizer is suitable for spray irrigation of food crops and unrestricted recreational uses. The Organic Material Recovery Center also produces approximately 25% of the power required to operate the plant.