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Freeport Regional Water Project Intake Facility Project – Pump Station and Substation, Sacramento, California

The Freeport Regional Water Project Intake Facility is an intake and pumping station to bring water from the Sacramento River to East Bay Municipal Utilities District customers during dry years. Beyaz & Patel provided structural design including drawings and specifications of the following structures:

  • Dual redundant, feed through substation,
  • outlet structure,
  • valve vault,
  • meter vault,
  • equipment building,
  • surge tank foundations, and
  • concrete and masonry retaining walls.

The substation was designed as a dual-redundant, feed-through substation. The substation transforms power from one Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD) owned, overhead, 69-kV sub-transmission line to 4.16 kV for distribution within the pump station and intake site. The substation was also designed to accommodate a future connection line. In addition to the redundant power system the overall design and user flexibility ensure the reliability of the surface water source and conveyance facilities.