Main Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester No. 6, Oakland, CA


Beyaz & Patel performed an evaluation of the damage to East Bay Municipal Utility District’s (EBMUD) Main Wastewater Treatment Plant digester no. 6 cover and concrete corbels which support the cover. Our work consisted of a visual inspection of the damage, descriptions of the required repairs, cost estimates for the repairs, and a final engineering report. The digester is a 95-foot-inside diameter, post-tensioned circular tank. The floating consists of 20 radial steel trusses, supported on concrete corbels.

We also designed the repairs for the cover and our work during this phase included demolishing the existing, damaged steel floating cover, and replacing it with an air-supported membrane gas holder cover; coordinating with the gas holder cover manufacturer; designing the required associated electrical power and instrumentation, and designing supernatant draw off system; providing penetrations to existing digester concrete wall for new pipe connections; and seismic analysis of the existing digester.