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Owens Lake Dust Mitigation, Phases 7, 9, and 10

Beyaz & Patel provided preliminary structural design services for Phase VII Dust Control Areas including review of design details for equipment pad foundations for above-grade pumps, piping, valves, filters, electrical, modular structures and appurtenances; footings and top slabs for precast manholes and vaults; inlet and outlet structures; equipment and structure anchorage; footings, head-walls and concrete supports for culverts, spillways and sluice gates; and piers, footings and supports for meteorological, camera, communications and SCADA equipment, and tower supports.

Beyaz & Patel provided structural engineering design services for Phase 9 Dust Control Areas. Our scope included structural design and specifications of turnout facilities, pump stations, electrical buildings, wet wells and pipe supports. Beyaz & Patel also provided construction support services and worked with other consultants and delivered contract drawings on a very tight time schedule.

Other accomplishments included our coordination with geotechnical engineers to accomplish corrosion resistance structures due to corrosive soil and consideration of value engineering and constructability during the preparation of contract documents.