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Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant Oxidation Retrofit Program, Yorba Linda, California

Robert B, Diemer Oxidation and Ozone Retrofit

Beyaz & Patel provided structural engineering and design services for the Oxidation and Ozone Retrofit program. The project, completed in 2013 for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, included:

  • Design of ozone generation building, ozone contactors, contactor influent and effluent conduits, contactor rejection tunnel, liquid oxygen (LOX) storage and feed system;
  • Chemical feed facilities, electrical switchyard, power substation, switchgear building, emergency generator building, large diameter yard conduits and piping;
  • Electrical instrumentation and controls, connection to existing facilities, landscaping, meter vaults, oxygen/ozone system equipment, gates, valves, commissioning and training;
  • Yard piping work included large diameter steel pipe for influent and effluent conduit, large diameter steel pipe, contactor rejection tunnel, fire, potable and industrial water lines, mortar-lined carbon steel pipe, and chemical and utility piping.