Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program (RTCIP), San Diego, California

The Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program was established to ensure that new development directly invests in the region’s transportation system to offset the negative impact of growth on congestion and mobility. The Genesee project involves new sidewalk, retaining wall, and curb and gutter on the east side of Genesee Avenue from Chateau Drive to Sauk Avenue approximately 1300 feet long. An approximately 800 feet in length retaining wall is the City’s original standard drawing design. Beyaz & Patel custom designed 500 feet of the middle/southerly segment of retaining wall to be constructed in reinforced concrete as a cantilevered wall.

Beyaz & Patel performed a review of consultant information, including the geotechnical report and devised a preliminary design for the retaining wall. We provided drawings and calculations and provided a review and edits of specifications. We provided plans and drawings for the 30, 60, 90 and final design submittals and assisted with the plan check approval and bid phase services. Beyaz & Patel will also be providing construction support services.