San Mateo/Estero Municipal Improvement District Wastewater Treatment Plant Secondary Clarifiers Evaluation, San Mateo, California

After the City performed a lifecycle assessment on the secondary clarifiers, results revealed the equipment was in a varied state of deterioration based on normal wear and tear. Beyaz & Patel, as subconsultant to HDR, provided an evaluation and determined the repairs that would extend the life of the carifiers and maintain normal plant operations.

Beyaz & Patel’s structural analysis included a condition assessment study and seismic and corrosion evaluations for the four 75-foot by 75-foot, square secondary clarifiers. We performed an analysis and structural and seismic evaluation of the concrete clarifiers, existing guard rails, steel bridge platforms and clarifier center column support system. We developed sets of conceptual modifications to convert clarifiers from a square to circular configuration and prepared a Technical Memo summarizing findings and recommendations.