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University Heights Water Tower Evaluation, San Diego, CA

University Heights Water Tower Evaluation

The University Heights steel water tower has an overall height of 142.5 feet and the tank is supported on twelve steel built-up columns. The columns are connected to concrete pile cap. Beyaz & Patel performed an evaluation of the tank support structure, provided a wind and seismic assessment, analyzed the structural integrity of the water tower to conform to current code requirements, and recommend improvements to rehabilitate the structure. The evaluation included a review of the geotechnical information and testing lab results, determined wind and seismic design parameters; developed a three-dimensional computer model of the tank support structure; performed a static and dynamic analyses of the structure;  calculated demand/capacity ratios for all structural members and connections; checked the anchor bolt connections and the capacity of the foundation system; developed an engineering cost estimate to strengthen the deficient elements; and prepared an engineering evaluation report summarizing the results, findings and recommendations; and attended City meetings and presented our findings and our recommendations. The City decided to retrofit the tower and asked our team to provide construction documents for the tank support structure and support services during construction.