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Westchester-LAX Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP) Project

The Westchester-LAX Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Project is a structural water quality treatment project in Los Angeles. The Project is an integral to compliance activities associated with the Implementation Planning for Santa Monica Bay Beaches.

Thousands of acres of urbanized land from both the Westchester residential neighborhood and the Los Angeles International Airport drain directly to Santa Monica Bay and discharge at Dockweiler Beach. The runoff draining from this contain pollutants which contribute to exceedances of beach water quality standards, resulting significant numbers of beach closure days. The project diverted water from the existing storm drain system, provided water quality treatment, and restored balance (via infiltration) that has been limited as a result of urbanized area.

Beyaz & Patel provided preliminary and final structural design services for the diversion channel, diversion structure, 5-mg underground detention basin including screening facility and pumping facility, and underground infiltration basin. We coordinated with screening suppliers and incorporated their requirements in the design. We provided the cost estimate for the structural portion of the work.